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"Trademark." is released 25th June 2014.

It must seem like we've been away forever - "At Loch Shiel" is 5 years old! But we never stopped at all, we just got a lot slower. Or more relaxed. Perhaps that's a better way of putting it.

Some of these songs were written as far back as 2008, others were written from scratch on our 'album finishing' holiday to Wales in 2012. Then it still took us over a year to actually finish it.

Really you should have been listening to this album last year. We had signed off all the mixes unanimously by September, and everything was ready for final mastering. Then the most awful thing we have ever experienced happened. Stu died in October 2013 in an accident, the sort of thing that you couldn't even imagine happening. We've never experienced such sadness.

It has taken us a while, and it has been difficult, but we were determined to get this record out. For Stu, his family and friends, for us, and for everyone who supported us over the last 15 years.

Trademark are Stuart Meads, Oliver Horton and Paul Soulsby.

CD £10