1988 - Cousins Stuart Meads (aged 9) and Oliver Horton (7) agree to form a band. The band goes through several name changes including The Sheep, The Beats, The Beating Sheep and finally Technobeat. The cousins write their first album, entitled "Stereo".

1995 - Stu and Oli change their band's name to "Trademark".

1999 - Paul Soulsby joins Trademark, and the three decide to make an album which they call "Audiologue". The album which sells a few copies on the band's new website.

2002 - Trademark organise themselves, start playing gigs and working on a new album.

2003 - Trademark gig regularly and Self Release the album "Fear:Disconnection" which they sell at their live shows.

2004 - Following another self release, the EP "This Is Our Trademark", the album "Trademark Want More" is released on Truck Records. The press like it (most of them), including Pop CD of the Week in The Times. A live session at London's XFM with John Kennedy follows, and then Trademark finish the year off with a 20 date nationwide tour supporting the Human League.

2005 - Trademark gig loads, accompanied by an ever evolving live show of light up lab coats, giant flashing Perspex plugs, Science Lectures, light boxes and Mince Pies.


2006 - Trademark remix the theme music for Five's “Brainteaser” and then top off the year by supporting electronic legend John Foxx.

2007 - "Raise The Stakes" is finally released. "Toe the Line" from the album is used on the soundtrack of "Goal 2 - Living the Dream".

2009 - Trademark release new EP "At Loch Shiel" on Dreamtrak Records.

2012 - Trademark begin writing and recording a new record.

2013 - A message about Stuart Meads: We are sorry to report that we have some very sad news. Our dear friend and bandmate Stuart Meads tragically died in an accident last week. It has been utterly heartbreaking for both of us. This picture was taken during the recording sessions for our new album, which took place in a little Welsh cottage in May last year. We had an absolutely amazing time there. We feel lucky that we completed the mixes of this, together as a band, just last month. Please do feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or on Twitter. We'd love to hear any memories you have of Stuart and the band. Ol and Paul x

2014 - Oli and Paul organise artwork and mastering the album. It is released on Dreamtrak records.

2019 - Oli and Paul remaster and repackage Audiologue for a 20th Anniversary release.